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Civics & Moral Education (CME)



Vision Patriotic Citizens, Responsible Students, Morally-Upright Individuals
Mission To nurture a person of good character, who is caring and acts responsibly towards self, family, school, community, nation and the world.
  • To acquire self-awareness and apply self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness
  • To act with integrity and make responsible decisions that uphold moral principles
  • To acquire social awareness and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships based on mutual respect
  • To be resilient and have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities

The Character and Citizenship Education-Civics and Moral Education (CCE-CME) focuses on the CME component within the broader CCE framework of Citizenship and Character Education. Mee Toh School believes that every child can be moulded through a nurturing environment and school programmes tailored to cater to the needs of Mee Tohians. We provide opportunities for them to practice the values, allow them to recognise the virtues, significance, or magnitude of people and things around them, to help them understand how to strengthen relationships and create an affirmative culture through various activities conducted throughout the year.


  • Explicit teaching of R3ICH values
  • Values reflection activities
  • Gratitude Card Making for Parents
  • Good Deeds with Sharity
  • Gratitude Card Making for Da Ai Ma Ma & Non-teaching staff
  • Messages on Gratitude leaves
  • Cyber Wellness lessons

Through their active participation, Mee Tohians have positively shown an inclination towards achieving the Desired Outcomes of Education: Confident person, Self-directed Learner, Active Contributor and Concerned Citizen.

Their work were also collected and displayed during the school’s Open House. Many supportive parents agree with the school that it is important to invest time and effort in teaching children values, speak openly about appreciating the kindness of others, and say “thank you” often, even for little things. This will in turn equip them with emotional strength. Teaching students the act of showing appreciation is one of the key areas Mee Toh School has been emphasizing on over the years. Mee Tohians understand that showing appreciation has a positive impact on everyone. When they express their heart-felt gratitude for something someone has done, it boosts that person’s morale, passion, and purpose.

As part of the post- PSLE activities, all Primary 6 students also show their appreciation for the school by penning down their thoughts on the Gratitude Leaves and hanging them on the School’s Gratitude Tree. This heightens the awareness in the students that they must be thankful to the school which has provided them with a holistic education, shaped their character and nurtured their hearts and minds, in line with our school vision- Touching souls, Challenging minds.