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2021 Primary 6 Form Teachers

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 Mrs See Yuen Wei.jpg
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-1

Every child is unique. I enjoy interacting with children and developing their potential, talent and also a passion for learning. 
 Mdm Sunarti Bte Amidon.jpg

Subject Head - Malay Language
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-1 

Pendidikan bermula dari hati langsung ke hati. 
 Ms Winnie Tan.jpg

Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-1

"To be is to do." – Socrates 

Ms Par Hwee Ling.jpg

Senior Teacher - Mathematics
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-1 

"Every teacher should be, first, a teacher of humanity, and then a teacher of his subject." - Dr Haim Ginott 
 Mr Sean Lim.JPG

Head of Department - Mathematics
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-3 

Education isn't what you learn, it's what you do with what you learn. 
 Miss Ong Lay San.JPG

Chinese Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-3

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." - Sydney J. Jarris 
 Mrs Lim Bishuang.jpg
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-4

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration." - Thomas Edison
 Mdm Yan Yuzhen.jpg

Chinese Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-4

 Mrs Phay Ee Lin.jpg

Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-5

"Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way." - George Evans 
 Mr Joey Tan.jpg

Head of Department - Physical & Health Education (PHE)
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-5 

Changes doesn't just pass by. It brings you along for the ride 
 Ms Deborah L Vermiglio.JPG

Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-6
"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." - William Arthur Ward

I aim to awaken that innate curiosity in my students and encourage them to never stop questioning the things around them.     
 Mdm Tan Sue Cheng.JPG

Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-6

"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity." - Leo Tolstoy 
 Mr Pang Heng Cheun.jpg

Subject Head - Science
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-7 

Teach the young minds to be curious and to constantly ask questions. It is alright to make mistakes, but learn from the mistakes to become better. 
Mrs Leong Seek Eng.jpg 

Mrs Leong Seek Eng
Year Head - Primary 5 & 6
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-7 

"There is more in you than you think." - Kurt Hahn 
 Miss Quek Yi Hui Eleanor.jpg

Subject Head - Total Curriculum
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-8

LIVE every moment with the child and you will find that he/she has so much to show you. 
LAUGH every day with the child and you will realise that there's an inner child in everyone.

LOVE beyond words with the child and you will see limitless love in this world. There is hope 
 Mdm Tan Pei Shan.jpg

Chinese Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-8 

 Mrs Jacelyn Ang.JPG

Head of Department - School Staff Developer (SSD)
Form Teacher (1) Primary 6-9

An educated man is someone who displays culture, taste and knowledge. So, the true essence of education goes beyond acquiring of knowledge in an institute. As the saying goes, it takes a village to educate a woman, educating a child will require collaboration, between home and school for every child to grow into an educated adult. 
 Mdm Lin Meijing.JPG

Subject Head - Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)
Form Teacher (2) Primary 6-9

Nature versus nurture, which is a stronger influence? I believe in the latter. Every child can learn and do good.