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School History Curriculum

Updated on 21 SEPTEMBER 2018
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The School History Curriculum is part of the school's efforts to transform learning for the students. It is an integral part of the Student-centric, Values-driven Education in Mee Toh School. The curriculum is supported by the physical Mee Toh School Heritage Centre set up in 2014.  Through the thoughtful selection and sharing of stories, the curriculum hopes to provide continuity for the school community by connecting the past to the present.

Mee Toh School Heritage Centre

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The physical setup and contents in the centre are influenced by the curriculum which takes into consideration our focus on 
Student-centric, Values-driven Education. 

Guided by 3 principles - Artefacts Rich, Careful Integration of technology, Promote Environmental Education, the centre houses student-friendly texts, many school artefacts, interactive use of technology, as well as signboards and furniture made from discarded tree logs. 

The Curriculum 
The curriculum is grounded on the school's focus on the Student-centric, Values-driven Education and aims to provide a more holistic learning experience to help Mee Tohians develop a deeper appreciation of values through stories of the founder and the school. 

It is rolled out in phases and will progressively cover Primary 1 to Primary 6. Since 2014, the curriculum has brought graduating students through the life story of our founder and the Mee Toh School Story, to share with them the enduring values behind the efforts of others which made the school possible. 

The curriculum is supported by 2 storylines which runs in line with the texts in the Heritage Centre. 

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The stories are presented in English and Chinese. The use of bilingual texts pitched at readability for mid-level readers, allow every teacher to share the stories. This is in line with our belief - Every teacher, A CCE teacher. 

School Heritage Ambassadors Programme 
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Under the School History Curriculum, selected students are also trained as ambassadors to be docents for visitors at the Heritage Centre. These ambassadors (School Heritage Ambassadors or 弥陀校史馆小导游) are trained by teachers in the History Committee. The programme aims to build resilience and develop students into confident speakers. 

The programme spans a minimum of 3 years (Primary 4 to Primary 6) with the Primary 5 assuming senior roles after a year of training. They guide the juniors who are selected subsequently, and together develop a strong spirit to serve. Through the Senior-Junior mentorship, the curriculum hopes to ensure continuity and instill a strong sense of belonging and rootedness in this group of students.