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Student Management

Updated on 20 April 2017
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Vision   Developing self-disciplined, upright individuals striving unceasingly for the quest of knowledge
Mission   Developing leadership qualities in our students in three broad areas: Personal, Class Level and School Level Leadership 
Goals   Inculcating the school's core values through a variety of platforms and activities.
Key Programmes
Oratorical Workshop for P3 and P4 Prefects
Prefects are put through a 2.5 days workshop to learn how to say things in a firm, yet tactful manner. They are also assessed using the skills learnt to share about the key areas in the school with pride. These prefects may be selected as ambassadors to share with visitors and guests where appropriate.

Experiential Camp for P4 Prefects
The P4 prefects go through a 3 days 2 Nights Experiential Camp annually. They develop stronger bonds during the camp and unleash potential to lead through engaging in activities such as outdoor cooking, mud trail and numerous group activities. 

Prefect Selection 
Students participate in a selection session where they go to different stations where they will be assessed based on level of initiative, ability to lead and team skills. The stations are manned and facilitated by P5 prefects. The teachers in-charge scaffold the process and guide the more senior prefects on how to go about providing effective instructions. 

Education & Career Guidance Portal (ECG) 
Mee Toh School aims to provide resources that facilitate Education and Career Guidance (ECG). We aim to help our students make informed decision in their secondary school selection and career planning. Through awareness, exposure and experiencing the right experiences in the area of ECG, we believe our students will realise their career aspirations. 

The MTS career blog serves to provide timely updates on ECG activities held in school. It also offers the students step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize the e-career portal. Newspaper articles related to ECG are also highlighted in the blog to create awareness and exposure for the students. 

The portal serves to help students make good choices about their studies and future work. It helps answer three important questions: 
  1. Who am I? - about your interest, your values, your skills etc.
  2. Where do I want to go? What kind of career do you intend to embark on?
  3. How do I get there? i.e. The educational and special qualification and skills you will need to enter this career. 

Support For Special Needs (SSN) 
Mee Toh School aims to provide support for children with mild to moderate Special Needs, i.e. Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia. There are many levels of support in Mee Toh School.  Read on, to learn more. 

The Teachers Trained in Special Needs (TSN) support students will mild special needs. They provide individual or small group support to students in their classes. They also share strategies and resources with other teachers and parents. They also assist with monitoring the progress of students with mild special needs. 

The Allied Educator Teaching & Learning Support (AED T&L), supports students with mild special needs. They provide specific and differentiated learning and remediation support for individual or small group support to students in their classes. They also work closely with the teachers, and Allied Educators for Learning & Behavioural Support to assist with monitoring the progress of students with mild special needs. 

The Allied Educator Learning & Behavioural Support (AED LBS), supports students with mild special needs. They provide in-class support to shadow students in their classes i.e. prompting to stay on task, helping the student to follow classroom routines, withdrawing the student for time out if he becomes disruptive or stressed during lessons and providing means to calm down, helping the student to understand lesson content using various means i.e. visual aides, helping to communicate the students needs to the teachers. They also provide individual or small group skills training/intervention like social skills, behavioural skills, and etc. They also work closely with the teachers and other school personal such as Allied Educators for Counseling, to support students with special needs.