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English Language

UPDATED ON 11 September 2018

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VisionIntegrated and Engaging Approaches, Effective and Confident Communicators 

Mission   To become independent lifelong learners, avid readers and creative thinkers who can communicate effectively in English.  
Goals At the end of their primary education in Mee Toh School,  students will be able to communicate effectively in English. They will be able to
  • listen to, read and view with understanding, accuracy and critical appreciation, a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from print, non-print and electronic sources. 
  • speak, write and make presentations in internationally acceptable English that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate for purpose, audience, context and culture. At higher levels of proficiency, students will speak and write for academic purposes and creative expression, using language that is inventive and imaginative. 
  • interpret and evaluate fiction and non-fiction texts from print and electronic sources to analyse how language is used to evoke responses and construct meaning; how information is presented; and how different modes of presentation create impact. 
  • interact effectively with people from their own or different cultures. 
Key Programmes
Learning Support Programme (LSP) 
This is a specialised early intervention programme. It aims to provide learning support to students who enter Primary 1 with weak language and literacy skills. 

To provide support to Primary One and Two students by equipping them with basic literacy skills to aid their learning in the regular classroom.
Level: Primary One and Two students
Group size: 8 to 10 students 
Frequency: 30 minutes every day during curriculum time

Buddy Reading Programme
It is a programme where good readers (Buddy Tutors) will read to and with developing readers (Buddy Tutees) three times a week. This programme provides opportunities for developing readers to practise reading aloud regularly with the help and support of more fluent readers. Buddy Tutors are selected from the Primary 4 and 5. They will report to the LSP Room before assembly for the sessions. Training is provided for all tutors to equip them with appropriate skills to help their buddies become competent and confident readers. 

'Step Into Reading' Programme
DSCN5692.jpg (webpage).jpgTo promote the love for reading from a young age. 'Step into Reading Programme' is conducted for the Primary 1 and 2 students. In this programme, the classes in each level are assigned different book titles and these titles are rotated on a regular basis among them.

Teachers will then read and discuss the texts with the students. Useful vocabulary words are also highlighted for them to use in their writing. Activity sheets are used to reinforce students' understanding of their reading.