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Environment Education


The Environment Education in Mee Toh School aims to create awareness that sustainable living can be achieved through environment conservation. 
The Science Eco-garden Trail was created to provide an authentic environment for the inquiry-based approach and self-directed learning. 8 learning stations along the trail bring nature into school grounds and cover themes from life-cycles to different plant and animal communities. The use of QR codes guides students in self-exploration at their own pace and the technology encourages investigations and collaboration, leading to co-creation of knowledge and deeper understanding. 
The school also actively promotes the school value, Care, through working with various organisations such as National Environment Agency (NEA) and Sempcorp to promote recycling and environment care. 
Habits such as 'Pick it up & Bin it!' are shared with the students during morning assemblies to raise awareness on importance of keeping common spaces such as the school clean for all to use. Students are also encouraged to play their part in keeping their classrooms clean through the class duty roster.