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Vision   Appreciate the beauty of Mathematics; Enjoy the process of Problem-Solving
MissionTo foster Mee Tohian's interest in Mathematics and develop their ability in problem-solving
GoalsThe Mathematics Department aims to
  • stimulate and cultivate creative and critical problem-solving skills within our students
  • cultivate, enhance and sustain interest in our students in the learning of Mathematics
  • develop and nurture our students to be confident, self-directed and resilient life-long learners
 Key Programmes
Fun with Mathematics through Activity Based Lessons (ABL) 
In Mee Toh School, we design learning experiences to develop students' interest and appreciation for Mathematics. Students have fun with Mathematics through activity-based learning that engage them in 'learning by doing' and help them to develop conceptual understanding through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach.

The activity-based learning approach provides students with the opportunities to
  • explore and construct meaning in their learning to uncover abstract mathematical concepts

  • develop collaborative and communication skills

  • develop social-emotional learning through group work

ABL  maths Collage.jpg

Heuristics Package: Progressive Learning
This progressive learning package is designed to equip our students with a wider repertoire of heuristics and thinking skills that are essential to tackle a variety of problems, including open-ended and real world problems.

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)

The Learning Support for Mathematics is a programme initiated by the Ministry of Education. It is designed to provide additional support for Primary One and Two students with weak foundational numeracy skills and knowledge. Lessons are conducted in small-sized groups so that teachers can provide more customised lessons for the students.

With the belief that all students can learn mathematics, teachers help their students by ensuring that they experience success in learning mathematics.

Partnering Parents
Parents are important partners in the learning of the students. The department shares insights into the learning of Mathematics with our parents through school-organised workshops and briefings to deepen the understanding of how children learn Mathematics.

Achievements 2017
Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)
Name     ClassAward
Riane See Yee Sin P6-9Platinum
Teh Xin HuiP6-4Silver
Koh Rui En
Lim En Yu, Joel P5-7Bronze
 Cherilynn Kong Qi HuiP6-1Bronze
 Ethan Pek Wei Hong (Bai Weihong)P6-1Bronze 
 Kesler Ong Xian HongP6-4Bronze 
 Lim Tye Ming, WayneP6-4Bronze 
 Liu Tsu Hon ReyP6-4 Bronze 

Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiad (SASMO)
Name     ClassAward
Carmen Yong Jia WenP3-4Gold
Chua Le Jie Kayden (Cai LeJie)P3-7Gold
 Low Chee HyunP4-2 Gold
Yak Yun Chen, Jovan P4-2 Gold 

National Mathematical Olympiad Singapore (NMOS)
Name     ClassAward
Lim En Yu, JoelP5-7Silver
Qin YuhanP5-7Silver
Owen Goh Jia JunP5-7Bronze
Tan Ser Wang SeanP5-7Bronze

Annual Mathlympics For All Singapore Primary Schools
Name     ClassAward
Lee Zheng Feng, KyanP5-7Silver
Lee WenxiP4-2Bronze
 Lim Yen Ray KlemensP4-2 Bronze
Chen Si RuiP5-5Bronze
 Lim Xuan HuiP5-7Bronze 
 Sophia Loong York ChengP5-7Bronze 
 Sun LujiaP5-7 Bronze 

Raffiles Institution's Primary Mathematics World Contest
Name     ClassAward
Chen Wen ZhenP5-6High Distinction
Chen Si RuiP5-5Distinction
Jovianne Yap Qing HweeP5-5 Distinction
Ryan Yeo Kong Heng P5-7  Distinction
Tan Ser Wang SeanP5-7 Distinction
 Pristine Tan Yan Yi P6-1  Distinction
 Ryann Fielding Sim Jiun WeiP6-1 Distinction
 Riane See Yee SinP6-9  Distinction

International Competitions and Assessments (ICAS) Mathematics
Name     ClassAward
Rian See Yee SinP6-9High Distinction
Wenceslaus Lee Jin LongP6-9High Distinction