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Updated on 13 April 2017 
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Vision   Explore Creative Problem Solving
At Mee Toh School, we envision our students to be adept in translating Mathematics knowledge and skills into creative and critical problem solving and exploring varied ways to solve problems. Via this journey, we seek to develop our students holistically to be confident and significant contributors to the society in small and big ways. 

MissionEnhance students Mathematical Concepts and Skills for application in problem solving
We strive to develop in our students
  • an understanding of the underlying mathematical thinking
  • strategies of problem solving
  • positive attitudes to Mathematics
  • ability to appreciate Mathematics as an important and powerful tool in everyday life
GoalsThe Mathematics Department aims to
  • stimulate and cultivate creative and critical problem-solving skills within our students
  • cultivate, enhance and sustain interest in our students in the learning of Mathematics
  • develop and nurture our students to be confident, self-directed and resilient life-long learners
 Key Programmes 
Activity Based Lessons (ABL) 
This approach is put in place to provide a platform for our students to experience early successes in their learning, strengthen their basic conceptual understandings so that their learning can progress steadily throughout the six years in primary school. 
  • engage students in learning tasks centering on their construction of meaning from exploration, experience, experimentation through play or manipulation of concrete materials where appropriate
  • foster better learning attitudes and promote a more profound understanding of skills and concepts
  • promote social-emotional learning through pair work or teamwork
  • expand students' Mathematics thinking capabilities and communication skills

ABL  maths Collage.jpg

STARtUP - Start Understanding and Planning for Problem Solving
Adapated from Dr Lee Ngan Hoe's Problem Wheel, STARtUP is a teaching strategy developed by our teachers to help students when they are stuck in solving Mathematics problems. STARtUP, a schema introduced to develop meta cognition in our students- to improve their ability to control their thinking processes, in particular the selection and use of problem-solving strategies in problem solving. With the schema in mind, the students will persevere in problem solving and attempt to comprehend the given information, visual relationships, tap on their conceptual and procedural knowledge, and devise a solution plan before executing mathematical calculations. 

Heuristics Package: Progressive Learning
This progressive learning package is designed to equip our pupils with wider repertoire of heuristics or skills necessary to solve Mathematics problems and expand their problem solving capabilities.

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)
This MOE initiative is designed to support Primary 1 and 2 students with difficulties in coping with the demands of the subject. Lessons are conducted after school in small-sized groups. Each session is targeted to help the learner to master mathematical concepts. 

Teacher Professional Development
Our teachers actively engage in conversations to look into best practices in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. These weekly sharing sessions aim to deepen pedagogical knowledge of teachers and to enhance the way Mathematics is taught and learnt. 

Partnering Parents
Parents are important partners in the learning of the students. The department shares insights into the learning of Mathematics with our parents through school-organised workshops and briefings to deepen the understanding of how children learn Mathematics.

Achievements 2016

Achievements 2015
NUS High Primary Math Competition - P4 Math Poster Design 
Name      Class Award
Hana Faris Foo       4-6 Outstanding 
Chloe Diane Johston Jia Ying 4-8 Outstanding 

Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Challenge
Name      Class Award
Kiefer Ong Xian Yao   5-3 High Distinction (Top 40)
Zhao Shizhen 5-2 High Distinction (Top 40)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 
Name      Class Award
Khoo Sheng Feng 6-8 Silver
Mars Teo 6-8 Silver
 Tan Sing Hao Dwayne 6-6 Bronze 
Choo Sheng Feng  6-8 Bronze 
 Chng Yongzhi, Kevan 6-8  Bronze  
 Lee Kia En  6-8   Bronze  
 Leong Xuan Hao  6-8   Bronze  
 Liu Junyu    6-8   Bronze 
 Nicole Cheah Ching Suan  6-8   Bronze  
 Tham Brayden  6-8  Bronze 
 Tan Jo Shin  6-8  Bronze 

Nan Chiau High Mathematics Competition
Name      Class Award
Khoo Sheng Feng 6-8 Individual 2nd
Aaron Ang Chen Yee
Chng Yongzhi, Kevan
Khoo Sheng Feng 
Mars Teo
6-8 Team Consolation

Achievements 2014 
National Mathematics Olympiad of Singapore 
Name      Class Award
Kiefer Ong Xian Yao
Kyan Julian Asri 
Tan Jun Xue Edison
Khoo Sheng Feng
Mars Teo
 Yak Yu Chen Lucas
Tay Ru Yi Ruby

ICAS Mathematics 2014
Name      Class Award
Wang Yanqin
Leslie Quek Teng Jie
Tan Ru Yi, Ruby
Chua Yu Xuan
Kiefer Ong Xian Yao
High Distinction