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Malay Language

Updated on 20 April 2017

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Vision   Budiman, Berilmu dan Berhemah
Wise, Knowledge and Prudent
Mission   Menyemai cinta terhadap bahasa dan budaya Melayu di samping memupuk daya pembelajaran secara berdikari di kalangan para pelajar Melayu
To cultivate the love for Malay Language and Culture so as to spur them to be independent learners. 
  • To enable students to communicate in Malay effectively and confidently.
  • To inculcate the love and appreciate of Malay Heritage and culture in all students.
Key Programmes
Baca Ria (Extensive Reading Programme)
This programme encourages students to read as many literature resources that encompass variety of genres and topics. 
Focused reading can help on building the understanding of reading content and improve language skills, for example expanding students' vocabulary.  Speaking and writing skills will be much better if reading habit is instilled in students. Reading will not only add knowledge but sharpen our minds. 

Malay Heritage Activities
Early this year (2017), primary 5 students were brought to NAFA to watch a Bangsawan. Bangsawan is a type of traditional Malay opera performed by a troupe and accompanied by music and dances, telling tales of love, bravery and heroism of princes and folk heroes.  The primary 5 students were amazed by the performance and learnt a lot about stage presentation, values imparted in the story as well as the cultural aspects of a Bangsawan. 

Mother Tongue Fortnight
The MTL Fortnight programme is carried out annually. Variety of activities are conducted for all levels of students, such as Speech and Drama (P1 & P2), playing of kompang (P3 & P4), introduction to different types of Malay culture such as bangsawan, wayang kuilt and traditional games (for all levels) and many more. 

Class / Level Competitions
Most of the class or level competitions are carried out during Mother Tongue Fortnight week or end of term. 
  • Primary 1 - Children's Traditional Malay Song Singing
  • Primary 2 - Pick and Tell Story Telling 
  • Primary 3 - Pantun Recitation 
  • Primary 4 - Syair Recitation 
  • Primary 5 - Language Game & Project Work 
  • Primary 6 - Poetry Recitation & Language Game
  • All levels - Creative Writing 

Achievements 2016
 The students have done well. Congratulations!

National Essay Writing Competition, "Saya Boleh Mengarang"
Name     Class    Position     
Sephia Amelia Binte Zamri6-1Gold with Distinction
Imann Nataysa Puteri Azmi4-8Gold
 Farah Natasya Binte Ylisli5-8Silver
 Naurah Batrisyia Binte Muhd Khir1-2 Silver 

Achievements 2015

National Essay Writing Competition, "Saya Boleh Mengarang"
Name     Class    Position     
Zulekha Sabbir Topiwalla6-5Silver
Hana Faris Foo5-1Silver
Aishah Amirah Aminuddin6-2Bronze
Aliyah Mahirah Aminuddin4-5Bronze 

 Achievements 2014
 National Lensa Bahasa Vodcast Competition - 3rd Place
 Achievements 2012
 National Lensa Bahasa Vodcast Competition - 2nd Place