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Updated on 10 May 2017
Sci 2017.jpg

Vision   Inquiry Minds, Exploring Horizon
Mission   Enthuse learners through innovation and exploration
Goals   At the end of their primary education in Mee Toh School, students will be able to
  • Be curious about their environment
  • Use scientific terms and concepts to understand themselves and the world around them 
  • Develop process skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry
  • Use scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions
  • Appreciate how Science influence people and the environment
Key Programmes
With the emphasis on inquiry-based learning, green spaces within the school compound have been converted into learning corners for students. The trails are made up of stations that allow students to explore and discover for themselves more about plants. All the trails are designed based on the Science syllabus topics and the process skills are covered across each level. 
To further encourage self-directed learning and communication skills, the students are using QR codes through IPad to study the various plants in different stations and to carry out their own investigations and collaborate with one another in the research. 

P3 Hydroponics Programme


The programme aims to engage students in inorganic way of farming. It provides students experiential learning so that they can understand the functions of plant parts. 

NeWater Visitor Centre Learning Journey
Newater Visitor Centre Learning Journey.jpg

The Primary 4 students will also go for a learning
journey to NeWater Centre to learn more about
the importance of water conservation. 

Process Skill Learning Package
Explicit teaching on the various skills for Bloom's taxonomy will be conducted as part of the curriculum. The process skills covered will be progressive, starting from classifying to evaluating. 

E2K Programme
The Science department has embarked on E2K Science enrichment programme for students who demonstrate strong interest and ability in Science. This programme is adapted from Israel's E2K Programme which is developed by the Israel Centre for Excellence through Education (ICEE). 
During E2K lessons, students learn Science by going through the same process that scientists use to generate knowledge in Science. Through collaborative learning and guidance provided by the teacher, students practice scientific thinking and reasoning, develop confidence and independence in carrying out scientific inquiry as well as scientific habits, attitudes and dispositions. 

School-wide Environmental Programmes

sci prog.jpg

In line with the school value "Care", the programmes aim to inculcate strong green practices in school. The students are strongly encourages to start from self in taking care of the school environment. Various recycling efforts are constantly carried out like Bring Your Own Newspapers on every Wednesday. The school environmental champions also reach out to the public to convey the recycling messages. We commemorate Earth Day annually. We aim to increase everyone's awareness about the environment as well as to demonstrate the environmental protection measures. 

In 2016, our students had a meaningful time engaging the residents of Punggol during the Punggol North Eco Carnival on 30th July. The students shared with the Minister of Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng, and other visitors on the negative impact of plastics and disposables on the environment.

Ecology Programme
In 2016, the Primary 4 students had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the relationship between the flora and fauna in our school garden. Students headed outdoors to observe and explore the various types of plants in the garden and eco-pond. The students had a lot of fun and also learnt the importance of caring for our environment. 

Partnering with Our Parents - A Science Workshop for Parents
sci parent wshp.jpg
We value our partnership with parents as we believe that parents influence and support their children's academic learning. We conduct parent workshop annually to keep our parents updated on some key strategies that will aid in their children's learning towards Science. This year, Primary 5 parents have come together to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to help their children in the learning of Science.
Achievements 2016
Our students have performed well in various national competitions.

Raffles Science Olympiad (RSO) 2016
Name     ClassAward
Anders HongP5-4Certificate of Participation
 Chan Kok Jun ClovisP5-4Certificate of Participation
Kesler Ong Xian HongP5-4Certificate of Participation
Sean Jiang QiuXiangP5-4Certificate of Participation
 Lim Tye Ming, WayneP5-4 Certificate of Participation 

Singapore Primary  Science Olympiad (SPSO) 2016
Name     ClassAward
Chan Kok Jun ClovisP5-4Certificate of Participation
Chong Shiang KingP5-4Certificate of Participation
Kesler Ong Xian HongP5-4Certificate of Participation
Sean Jiang QiuXiangP5-4Certificate of Participation
 Sean Ke Er, Andrea P5-4 Certificate of Participation 
 Sheryl Tay Ke YingP5-4Certificate of Participation 
 Tan En XiP5-4Certificate of Participation 
 Yong Si MinP5-4Certificate of Participation 

Singapore Youth Science Fair 2016
Name     ClassAward
Darius Thong Kai JayP5-9Certificate of Commendation
 Keefer Chang Jing WeiP5-9Certificate of Commendation
Tan Yu EnP5-9Certificate of Commendation
Wenceslaus Lee Jin LongP5-9Certificate of Commendatio

15th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition
Name     ClassAward
Chan Kok Jun ClovisP5-4Silver
Choy Wee LingP5-4Silver
Kesler Ong Xian HongP5-4Silver
Lee BryanP5-4Silver
 Tan En XiP5-4Silver 
 Chong Shiang KingP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
 Jayden NgP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
 Sheryl Tan Ke YingP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
 Tan Wen Si PortiaP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
 Renee Lim Xin NiP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
 Valen Lim Zhen YuP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 
Lim Tye Ming, Wayne P5-4Certificate of Commendation 
 Yong Si MinP5-4 Certificate of Commendation
 Zelig Ng Tian LeP5-4 Certificate of Commendation 

Young Whizzes Challenge 2016
Name     ClassAward
Lim Tye Ming, WayneP5-4Gold
 Cheong Weng KeiP5-1Silver
Sheryl Tay Ke YingP5-4Silver
Randal Tan Shi JieP5-9Bronze

National Environment Quiz
Name     ClassAward
Choy Wee LingP5-4Certificate of Participation

Other National Competitions
SEC-Starhub School Green Award (SGA) - Lotus Sustained Achievement Award (2nd Year)
Food From The Heart (FFTH) - Clean Plate Campaign 2016 - Consolation Prize

Achievements 2015 
 Our students have performed well in various national competitions.

Asian Science & Maths Olympiad (ASMO) Science 2015
Name     ClassAward
Ong Boon YangP3-1Bronze (Year 3)
 Ryan Tan Keng KaiP3-1Merit (Year 3)
Andrea SeahP4-8Gold (Year 4)
Chong Shiang KingP4-8Silver (Year 4)

6th Little Professor 2015
Name     ClassAward
Elmer Fielding Teng Yuet JiunP5-3Gold
Kiefer Ong Xian YaoP5-3Gold 
Skyler NgP5-3Gold 
Ong Boon KiatP5-3Silver 
 Annabelle Yeow Jia EnP5-3Silver 
Sherman TayP6-8Silver 
 Tan Jo ShinP6-8Silver 
Bryan LeeP5-3Bronze
 Tang Zong NanP5-3Bronze
 Kelly GiamP6-8Bronze
 Woo Kai NingP6-8Bronze
 Kelly GiamP6-8Team : Gold
 Woo Kai NingP6-8Team : Gold
 Sherman TayP6-8 Team : Gold 
 Tan Jo ShinP6-8 Team : Gold 

Raffles Science Olympiad (RSO) 2015
Name     ClassAward
Kiefer Ong Xian YaoP5-3Gold
Elmer Fielding Teng Yuet Jiun P5-3 Gold

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad (SPSO) 2015
Name     ClassAward
Kiefer Ong Xian YaoP5-3Gold
 Ong Boon KiatP5-3Bronze
Skyler NgP5-3Bronze

Young Whizzes
Name     ClassAward
Kiefer Ong Xian YaoP5-3Gold 
Skyler NgP5-3Gold
Rachael ShiowP5-3Silver
See Weixuan, RyanP5-3Silver
 Chong Yu ZhenP5-3Bronze 
 Bryan LeeP5-3  Silver

14th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition
Name     ClassAward
Kiefer Ong Xian YaoP5-3Gold
Bryan Lee Chong HanP5-3Gold
See Weixuan, RyanP5-3Gold
Yak Xiang Chen, KesonP5-3Gold
 Annabelle Yeow Jia EnP5-3 Certificate of Commendation
 Skyler NgP5-3 Certificate of Commendation
 Teo Zhuo RenP5-3 Certificate of Commendation
 Wong Ching Yen SarahP5-2 Certificate of Commendation

Other National Competitions
Gold in North East Environment Award
Overall Champion SG50 CIB Gardens 2015
Best Innovation Garden Design SG50 CIB Gardens 2015
Lotus Sustained Achievement Award
Sustained 3R Award