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Open House on 26 May 2018

Last update: 3 May 2018, 08:28am
Join us as we celebrate achievements and unleash talents during our Open House on 26 May 2018!
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Last update: 23 Apr 2018, 06:46am
Congratulations to all! Chinese Dance (Distinction), Chinese Orchestra (Distinction), Choir (Accomplishment), Malay Dance (Accomplishment), Modern Dance (Distinction)

Mee Toh awarded School Heritage Champion Award 2017

Last update: 3 Aug 2017, 08:29am
The award recognises our programmes in engaging the school community in activities through the School History Curriculum and other heritage-related efforts in support of NHB's initiatives.

Photo Gallery - Experience@MTS

Last update: 17 Aug 2017, 12:26pm
Join Mee Tohians in their holistic learning experiences in school!
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