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Principal's Message

Bringing out the Best in Mee Tohians, Together

The rich heritage of our school forms the bedrock for quality holistic education.    Since the founding of Mee Toh School by Venerable Sek Kong Hiap in 1954, our school has evolved in keeping with times and raised generations of Mee Tohians who are active and contributing citizens.

Our young will write the future of our Singapore.  Our Education Minister, Mr Ng Chee Meng shared that “The purpose of education must be beyond just academics. It must be to prepare our students for life, for work and for citizenship.”    He also emphasized that with the increased fluidity of the economy and shortened lifespan of skills, learning, un-learning and re-learning must become the new norm.  In other words, life-long learning is the engine that drives innovation  to put our children and our Singapore in good stead.  

In Mee Toh School, it is our mission to maximise our students’ potential and to develop in them the passion for life-long learning, guided by Compassion (慈), Conscience (良), Purity (清) and Righteousness (直). We design learning experiences to build strong fundamentals in the moral (德), cognitive (智), physical (体), social (群)and aesthetics (美)domains so as to grow well-rounded individuals with robust character, complemented with strong 21st Century skills and Social-Emotional competencies.  These strong fundamentals will put our Mee Tohians in good stead for work, life and citizenship.  The foundation built will also enable every Mee Tohian to ride on the waves of changes confidently, equip each of them to capitalise on emerging opportunities and to bounce back with resilience when life presents challenges down the road.  

As a community of educators and professionals, we continually strive towards creating the necessary conditions to enable the Joy of Learning, which is so critical in growing Life-Long Learners who will innovate, thrive and contribute to family, society and nation, and the world.    There is a Chinese proverb, “It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to cultivate a person (十年树木,百年树人).”  There is also an African proverb which goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”   We are privileged to have the strong support of our stakeholders and parents, School Management Committee, Alumni, PATH and strategic partners to raise our Mee Tohians and make a positive difference in their life-journey with us in Mee Toh School.    

Together, we bring out the Best in Every Child who passes through our hands!  

Together, we realise our Vision of Touching Souls, Challenging Minds!

Together, we build on our rich heritage and co-create the future of Mee Toh School, and of education! 

Wang-Tan Sun Sun (Mrs)


1 Education Minister’s speech at the AACP on 29 Dec 2016
2 Education Minister’s speech at the AACP on 28 Dec 2017