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2018 Primary 3 Form Teachers


Mrs Connie Tan.JPG
Mrs Connie Tan Yit Chin
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-1

"The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book."
- Anonymous

Mdm Neo Chew Yen.JPG
Mrs Celia Koh Chew Yen
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-1

Adopt the growth mindset of being positive. Beyond the impossibilities are new possibilities.
 Mrs Hing Lam May Yuen.JPG
Mrs Hing - Lam May Yuen
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-2

We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own. 
 Mrs Teresa Chan.JPG
Mrs Teresa Chan Huey Ling
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-2

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." - Phil Collins
 Mr Ang Chern Kiat.JPG
Mr Ang Chern Kiat 
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-3

Obstacles are just part of the learning process towards greater success. 
 Mdm Ho Lee Ling.JPG
Mdm Ho Lee Ling
Senior Teacher - Chinese Language 
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-3

 Ms Winnie Tan.JPG
Ms Winnie Tan Wei Lin
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-4

"To be is to do." - Socrates
 Mr Muhammad Amin Bin Mokhtar.JPG
Mr Muhammad Amin Bin Mokhtar
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-4

A belief lies at the heart of what we do. Without the belief, there can be no success. 
 Ms Mohana do Thangavalu  .JPG
Mdm Mohana d/o Thangavalu
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-5

A good teacher is not determined by the number of questions he can ask his students that they can respond readily, but by the number of questions he inspires them to ask which he finds difficult to answer. 
 Mdm Tan Pei Shan.JPG
Mdm Tan Pei Shan
Chinese Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-5


 Mdm Hazel Koh.JPG
Mdm Hazel Koh Sze Theng
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-6

Touching Souls, Challenging Minds. 
 Ms Zhang Yinan.JPG
Mdm Zhang Yi Nan
Chinese Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-6

 Ms Seah Pei Zhi Celina .JPG
Ms Celina Seah Pei Zhi
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-7

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think creatively. Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education." - Martin Luther King Jr
 Mr Amil Bin Haji Nor.JPG
Mr Amil Bin Haji Nor
Malay Language Teacher
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-7

Manusia semuanya sama. Ilmu yang menjadikan mereka berbeza.
 Mr Ee Song Hong Grandville.JPG
Mr Grandville Ee Song Hong
Form Teacher (1) Primary 3-8

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein
 Mrs Sherley Chua.JPG
Mrs Sherley Chua
Form Teacher (2) Primary 3-8

In the classroom, I strive to promote positive learning so that students realise that making mistakes is part of the journey towards mastery. The classroom would be a safe environment where they are not afraid to make mistakes and more importantly, to learn from them so that they would develop a growth mindset where effort is valued more than the product.