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Dharma Camp & Class




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Our school and Fo Guang Shan Temple (Singapore) are long-term education partners. As early as 2008, the school has worked closely with FGS to organise an Annual Dharma Camp during the March holiday.

The camp aims to impart Dharma teachings and cultivate good character in Mee Tohians.

During the two -day Dharma camp, students will have chance to be close to the nature. They will learn how to cherish, show gratitude and respect for life. Through the activities, students will develop patience, creativity and artistic talent.

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开办儿童佛学班的目的是希望学生在接触佛学教义和薰习佛法后,能培养正确的价值观,以及向上、向善的积极生活态度,让学生在每日的处事待人中, 都能自然地表现出佛法的智慧。如:孝悌父母,感恩惜福一切所拥有的事物。家长也能参与家长佛学班,和孩子一同学习。


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The Dharma Class was officially launched on the 19 January 2008. This is the seventh year that the class is being conducted for the pupils and their parents. This class is conducted on Saturdays by Venerable You Deng, together with some volunteers from Fo Guang Shan Temple (Singapore).

The objectives of this Dharma Class are to:

-    cultivate the correct and desired moral values in our pupils;

-    instil filial piety towards parents; and

-    be grateful for what they have.

Through these Dharma Teachings, our students will have the right perspectives of life and be more positive and compassionate towards others.

This year, Singapore Fo Guang Shan abbot Master Miao Mu and Mr Gau Poh Teck presented a Buddhist book to every student during Dharma Class Opening Ceremony.