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School Rules


  1. Be socially responsible.
  2. Keep the school clean and take good care of school property.
  3. Be respectful and obey school staff at all times. Be well-behaved, courteous and helpful at all times.
  4. Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
  5. Be punctual for school and school-based activities.
  6. Be considerate. Walk quietly along the corridors.
  7. Do not engage in rough play or actions that may lead to injury.
  8. Seek permission from P/VP/YH/HOD/class teacher if they need to leave the school during curriculum time.
  9. Complete each school term. Any request for students to return to home country early or for tours during school terms does not constitute a valid reason.
  10. Wear proper school attire with the name tag. Modifications to the uniform is not allowed.
  11. Keep your hair short and neat. Boys must be clean shaven and no wearing of beard and moustache is allowed.


Students are expected to observe closely the guidelines on school attire.