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Dharmaratna Festival





学校的庆祝活动 --- 法宝节

今年的“法宝节”在阳历一月十五日。新加坡佛光山师父和义工老师在这一天为我校的师生们提供腊八粥。学生们听师父讲解“腊八粥” 的意义后品尝了美味的“腊八粥”,从而懂得惜福、感恩、并感激他们的老师。除此之外,PATH的志工家长在那一天志愿服务。他们不仅为我们的学生树立服务社区的好榜样,而且通过与不同行业的人们的合作展示团队精神。


Introduction on Dharmaratna Festival

The Dharmaratna Festival which falls on the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, commemorates the enlightenment of Lord Buddha under the Bodhi tree. It signifies the presence of the Dharma, bringing brightness to mankind, and the hope of ending the cycles of rebirth. In the past, temples made offerings of “La Ba Porridge” to show gratitude to the Buddha, and distribute among devotees afterwards.

Celebrating Dharmaratna Festival, with the support of Fo Guang Shan Temple (Singapore), allows our pupils to show gratitude to their teachers. In addition, parents from PATH volunteer their service on that day. They not only set good example to our pupils by serving the community, but also display team-spirit through collaboration with people from different walks of life.

Since Dharmaratna Festival falls on the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar, all pupils are encouraged to set new goals for the New Year. Setting goals allow our pupils to know precisely what they want to achieve as well as where they have to concentrate their efforts. This enables them to better manage their time and do their best when they own and commit to achieve their goals.