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Executive and Administrative Support

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2020 EAS.jpg
Ms Wong Siew Ying.jpg
Mrs Ong Siew Ying
Administrative Manager (AM)

'The quality of our expectations determine the quality of our actions.' - Andre Godin
Mdm Goh Tiap Imm[3].jpg
Mdm Goh Tiap Imm
Operations Manager (OM)

'Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.' -John Dewey
Mr Cheong Kun Yuan.jpg
Mr Cheong Kun Yuan
Operations Manager 2 (OM2)
Ms Amy Ng.jpg
Ms Amy Ng Pei Chuen
Administrative Executive (AE)

'If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.' - Confucius
Ms Shirley Ching.jpg
Ms Shirley Ching
Adjunct Administrative Executive (AE)

Stay positive. Good things will happen.
Mdm Sim Lee King.jpg
Mdm Sim Lee King
Management Support Office (MSO)

'Where ever you go, go with your heart.' -Confucius
Mdm Candice Neo.jpg
Mdm Candice Neo
Management Support Office (MSO)

Knowledge is power.
Miss Koh Lee Lee.jpg
Miss Koh Lee Lee
Management Support Office (MSO)

When one door closes, the other opens. Seize the opportunity.
Mdm Eileen Ng.jpg
Mdm Eileen Ng Geok Eng
Library Assistant

Reading does not only add information, it adds knowledge.
Mdm Nani.jpg
Mdm Nani
Mdm Patricia Tay
Mr Ridzuan Bin Jamil.jpg
Mr Ridzuan Bin Jamil
Desktop Enginner (DE)
Junior DE.jpg
Mr Junior Tan
Desktop Enginner (DE)
Mr Redwan Abdullah.jpg
Mr Redwan Abdullah
ICT Manager

Education is the passport for the future.
Mdm Chua Lay Ching.jpg
Mdm Chua Lay Ching
Science Lab Assistant

Work hard, play hard.
Mr Hasan Bin Mohd Shariff.jpg
Mr Hasan Bin Mohd Shariff
Operations Support Officer (OSO)

Find joy in what you do.
Mdm Lim Hui Eng.jpg
Mdm Lim Hui Eng
Operations Support Officer (OSO)

Work smart, study smart.
Mr Chia Chee Guan.jpg
Mr Chia Chee Guan
Operations Support Officer (OSO)

Do your best.
Mr Lee Bong Meng.jpg
Mr Lee Bong Meng
Operations Support Officer (OSO)

Be Smart!
Mdm Koh Hwee Koon.jpg
Mdm Koh Hwee Koon
Operations Support Officer (OSO)

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.