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School Leaders

UPDATED ON 13 May 2022

Mrs Wang-Tan Sun Sun 1.jpg
Mrs Wang-Tan Sun Sun

"It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to cultivate a person" (十年树木,百年树人). Education is about nurturing the whole child to be the best person that he can be. To educate a person is to prepare him for life.

The interesting fact about schooling is that it involves teachers of the past generation educating the present generation to raise a future generation! What firmly anchors at the core of the education in schools must therefore be a Student-centric and Values-driven education, rooted with fundamentals which remain unchanging with times and yet, embraces life-skills to prepare every child to face the ever-changing demands in our evolving landscapes.
Mr Lee Chong Tart Ronald 2.jpg
Mr Ronald Lee Chong Tart
Vice Principal

To equip our children with values and skills to contribute in a fast-changing globalised world, there is a need to provide a curriculum with learning opportunities and experiences for them to find meaning in learning. This will bring about motivation in our children as they take ownership of their learning and contribute to the society. As motivated children, they will be able to bring out their best, pursue their passions and fulfill their aspirations.
Mdm Tan Lay Wah 2.jpg
Mdm Tan Lay Wah
Vice Principal

Every child can learn and has unique talents and abilities that can be developed through igniting the joy of learning. With proper guidance and support, children can use their special gifts to make a difference for themselves and our world.
Mr Ng Kok Heng Eric 1.jpg
Mr Eric Ng Kok Heng
Vice Principal

Every child is different and unique. It is our job to help them discover their strengths and limitations so that they can build on the former and work on the latter. I believe in training the hands, developing the minds and cultivating the hearts of all our pupils in Mee Toh School. It is our responsibility to provide and ensure a safe, secure and conducive environment for our pupils and staff to motivate them to learn and excel and more importantly, develop a passion for life-long learning. We will never compromise the well-being of all Mee Tohians.