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Cyber Wellness


At Mee Toh School, we recognise how technology greatly impacts students’ development in their learning and thinking.  We aim to help Mee Tohians become responsible digital learners who will be able to protect themselves, as they navigate the cyberspace.  

CW Framework.png
The main platform for the delivery of the lessons is via Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP). Key Cyber Wellness topics are also integrated into the IP curriculum and incorporated into school designed programmes such as recess activities during Safer Internet Day or CW week. 

In order for the students to ‘sense’, ‘think’ and ‘act’, they are provided opportunities to analyse, evaluate and reflect on Cyber Wellness issues, and given opportunities to translate their understanding into actions that will keep them safe while online.

Besides engaging every student through our Cyber Wellness Programme, we also develop our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors.  They promote the message of Cyber Wellness to peers, by giving presentations, coming up with activities for events like the Safer Internet Day, and actively supporting Cyber Wellness programmes in the school.