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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)


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Socially and emotionally competent citizens of the 21st Century; rooted and active contributors in the community.
Every child a seedling- to develop the character of every Mee Tohian through the head, heart and hands and ignite a passion for lifelong learning that lasts throughout life in all aspects.

In Mee Toh School, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is at the heart of every school programme, academic and non-academic. CCE takes place all the time in school, firmly anchored on MOE’s core values and guided by the school vision, mission and motto - Compassion, Conscience, Purity & Righteousness. 

We aim to develop in our students:

a. Good character: Have a sound moral compass and a strong sense of right and wrong, think critically and ethically, be discerning in judgment, take responsibility for choices and actions, be caring towards others and strive for excellence;

b. Resilience and social-emotional well-being: Have a balanced sense of self, form healthy relationships, be resilient when faced with challenges, find meaning in life, and have a sense of gratitude and appreciation;

c. Future readiness: Have a sense of purpose in life, develop the dispositions of adaptability and lifelong learning so as to be able to navigate education and career pathways purposefully and take on the challenges of the future, including the world of work and life; and

d. Active citizenship: Develop a strong national identity based on a sense of belonging to the nation, a sense of hope in themselves and the future, an awareness of the reality of Singapore’s vulnerabilities and constraints, and the will to act on improving the lives of others, and building a future for our nation.


At Mee Toh School, we believe that the process of developing one’s character is similar to the process of germination of the seed and cultivation of the plant. Every child is unique; it requires time, patience, and a community to nurture the whole child and bring out the best in every child.

Form Teachers’ Guidance Period (FTGP)
FTGP lessons uses authentic contexts in the explicit teaching and learning of fundamental social-emotional skills which are anchored on values and citizenship dispositions. Topics related to the six CCE content areas (i.e., Cyber Wellness, Education and Career Guidance, Family Education, Mental Health, National Education, and Sexuality Education) are discussed in a developmentally appropriate manner during the lessons. The lessons help strengthen positive Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR) and build supportive peer relationships. Time is also factored in for Form Teachers to have individual conversations with students. 


CCE-MTL lessons focuses on the explicit teaching of R3ICH values within the broader CCE framework. We believe that every Mee Tohian can be moulded through a nurturing environment and school programmes tailored to the needs of students. We provide opportunities for them to practice the values, allow them to recognise the virtues, significance, or magnitude of people and things around them, to help them understand how to strengthen relationships and create an affirmative culture through various activities conducted throughout the year. Through their active participation, Mee Tohians have positively shown an inclination towards achieving the Desired Outcomes of Education: Confident person, Self-directed Learner, Active Contributor and Concerned Citizen.

National Education (NE) and Social Studies (SS)

National Education forms a part of the school’s citizenship programme. Students have the opportunities to experience the Singapore story to foster in them our national identity and the spirit of togetherness with one another. Mee Tohians commemorate four core NE events as listed below. The Primary SS syllabus helps students to grow in knowledge, develop skills and learn values through examining issues that are of significance to our society and the world in which we live.

  1. Total Defence Day
  2. International Friendship Day
  3. Racial Harmony Day
  4. National Day
Learning Journeys
Students embark on different field-based learning journeys every year which will provide opportunities for them to acquire knowledge, understand the significance of heritage places or places of interest beyond the classrooms, and become well-informed and caring citizens. Mee Tohians learn in authentic settings, gain hands-on experiences and discover the insights and stories narrated in their textbooks.