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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

UPDATED ON 19 Oct 2020

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To build up our students to be socially and emotionally competent citizens of the 21st Century. Students to grow in their identity as Singapore citizens and learn to be actively engaged as a member of society.
Every child a seedling; to develop the character of the child; and to prepare him for citizenship and develop a passion for lifelong learning that lasts throughout life in all aspects.

In Mee Toh School, CCE is at the heart of every school programme, academic and non-academic. CCE takes place all the time in school, firmly anchored on MOE’s core values and guided by the school vision, mission and motto - Compassion, Conscience, Purity & Righteousness



At Mee Toh School, we believe that the process of developing one’s character is similar to the process of germination of the seed and cultivation of the plant. Every child is unique; it requires time, patience, and a community to nurture the whole child and bring out the best in every child.

Learning Journeys
Values are caught, not taught. We believe that students should be given the opportunities to learn out of their classrooms. For Primary 1 to Primary 6, students embark on different field-based learning journeys to different areas of interest. Mee Tohians gain hands-on experience and discover the sights and stories narrated in their textbooks.

Values-In-Action and Recycling Programme
The IPW and VIA in Mee Toh School is multi-faceted and supports the growth of the whole child. Together, they emphasize on the school value of service, teamwork, care and resilience and remind students of their responsibilities towards the school community. Mee Tohians also take part in community events and recycling programmes so that they develop from young, a mindset to contribute actively as a member of the community.

National Education
National Education (NE) forms a part of the school’s citizenship programme, students receive many opportunities to experience the Singapore story to foster in them an emotional attachment to Singapore. Mee Tohians commemorate four core NE days as listed below.

  1. Total Defence Day
  2. International Friendship Day
  3. Racial Harmony Day
  4. National Day

Form Teachers’ Guidance Period
The explicit teaching of the CCE syllabus in Mee Toh helps students better relate to themselves and make learning more meaningful and relevant. Students will learn values through three overarching ideas – Identity, Relationships and Choices. In addition, CCE Guidance Modules, which include Form Teachers’ Guidance Period (FTGP), Strategies to Ensure more Attention to Individual Pupil (SEAIP), Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education and Cyber Wellness (CW), are various ways in which teachers address students’ social-emotional and developmental needs.