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In line with our school vision, Mee Toh School is committed to nurturing and developing our students as active and concerned citizens who are rooted to Singapore, have a strong sense of civic responsibility and are well-informed about Singapore and the world. We also recognise the need to develop the 21st Century Competencies (21CC) skills such as civic literacy, in them to prepare them for a global, diverse and media-driven environment.

Our school’s Internationalization Programme includes the incoming and outgoing trips with students, teachers and school leaders from China (Shanghai and Xiamen) and Taiwan. The activities are designed to raise global awareness in Mee Tohians, develop cross-cultural skills & sensitivities in them, and provide an opportunity for them to experience being ambassadors of Singapore, as they engage in a rich exchange of ideas with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

On top of that, the immersion programme also helps to broaden our students’ experiences, deepen their appreciation of the Chinese Language & culture, as they experience learning & interacting with the overseas counterparts, and develop them holistically.