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English Language

UPDATED ON 13 April 2020

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Vision Integrated and Engaging Approaches, Effective and Confident Communicators
Mission To become independent lifelong learners, avid readers and creative thinkers who can communicate effectively in English.

The following main areas of language literacy, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Viewing, and Writing and Representing, are integrated in students' daily English Language lessons.



EL Alive!
During EL Alive! week, fun and engaging activities are planned for students so that everyone has opportunities to communicate effectively and showcase the skills that they have. Character Day, Poetry Recitation and Readers’ Theater are examples of such opportunities.

Literature Appreciation Programme and Newspaper Reading from Primary 3 to 6
These promote the reading habits to read regularly and extensively for information and leisure. They also help students see the world – people, places, things and events through different perspectives.

'Step Into Reading' Programme
It promotes the love for reading from a young age. 'Step into Reading Programme' is conducted for the Primary 1 and 2 students. In this programme, the classes in each level are assigned different book titles and these titles are rotated on a regular basis. Activities are conducted to reinforce students' understanding of their reading.

Integrated Project Work and Values-In-Action
The IPW and VIA in Mee Toh School is multi-faceted and supports the growth of the whole child. Together, they emphasize on the school value of service, teamwork, care and resilience and remind students of their responsibilities towards the school community.

Pick and Tell
Students are taught different components which constitute good public speaking. During the “Pick and Tell” session, students have to present their content and thoughts base on thematic cards. This activity challenges the students’ thinking to a higher level, enhancing their ability to respond quickly and raise their confidence in speaking.

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