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Environment Education


  • Enable every Mee Tohian to put the school motto and values into practice by developing in them the core socio-emotional and 21st century competencies for environment care.
  • Enable every Mee Tohian to make meaningful connections and extensions to what they learn about the environment and apply their knowledge and skills through experiential learning in authentic settings. [Joy of Learning]
  • Create opportunities for our students to explore possibilities, to innovate, to try and fail and re-try, to take risks, to solve real environmental problems. [Entrepreneurial Dare]

Environment education is an important component of a holistic education. A whole-school approach is adopted towards environment care through the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP). The care for the environment is in line with the school motto, Compassion, where MeeTohians practise the love and contribute to the environmental well-being for the environment in the community and nation. This is aligned to the national policy of working towards a liveable and sustainable city.

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