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Malay Language

UPDATED ON 13 April 2020

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Vision To cultivate the love for Malay Language and Culture so as to spur students to be independent learners.
Mission Students are motivate to learn Malay Language and appreciate Malay Culture

Language Acquisition and Cultural Awareness & Appreciation forms the overarching approach for Malay Language learning in Mee Toh School. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Oral Interaction and Written Interaction skills are integrated into daily language acquisition in the classroom, whilst Cultural Awareness and Appreciation programmes are carried out throughout the year to immerse students in the Malay Culture.

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Baca Ria (Extensive Reading Programmes)
This programme encourages students to read as many literature resources that encompass variety of genres and topics.
Focused reading can help on building the understanding of reading content and improve language skills, for example expanding students' vocabulary. Speaking and writing skills will be much better if reading habit is instilled in students. Reading will not only add knowledge but sharpen our minds.

Mother Tongue Fortnight
The MTL Fortnight programme is carried out annually. Variety of activities are conducted for all levels of students, such as Speech and Drama (Lower Primary), playing of kompang (Upper Primary), introduction to different types of Malay Culture during assembly such as bangsawan, wayang kuilt and traditional games (for all levels) and many more.

Malay Heritage Activities
Every year, students are brought to various external performances whereby they will learn a lot about stage presentations, values imparted in the stories as well as the cultural aspects of Malay Traditions portrayed in the performances. Upper Primary students will also participate in their learning journey to Taman Warisan to know more about the Malay heritage.

Integrated Project Work and Values-In-Action
Primary 5 IPW and Class Presentation for Primary 1 to Primary 4, supports development of students’ oral presentation skill and boost their confidence. During IPW, students have the opportunity to present ideas and create a multimedia video clip to showcase their group projects, whereas Primary 1 to Primary 4 students will be rotated to present their thoughts and content on a given topic

Language Acquisition Emphasis
Development of Critical Thinking Skill is one of the main focus of language acquisition (together with writing and oral presentation skills) in the department. Different pedagogies and questioning strategies are deployed to teach thinking skills.

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