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Arts and Music


UPDATED ON 13 April 2020

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Vision Art is for Everyone
Mission A strong appreciation in the visual arts with vibrant art environment

To our Mee Tohians, art lessons are fun and enjoyable endeavours as lessons are not just about developing technical art skills, but enabling them to express themselves creatively and freely. Our art curriculum runs on a termly, modular programme based on specific themes. This provides Mee Tohians with greater art skills experience, deeper exploration, appreciation and creative expressions through fundamental art forms such as drawing and painting to sculpture, ceramic and animation works.

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Vision To develop a vibrant culture for the learning and appreciation of music
Mission Bring out the musicality in everyone

Our music curriculum aims to develop the ability for creative expression and communication through music. We also inculcate the appreciation of music in local and global cultures in the children. Our curriculum comprises various interesting and stimulating music programme that contribute to the holistic development of a child.