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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL photo1 - Loh WengLye Sharon.JPG

At Mee Toh School, all Primary 1 and 2 students undergo Programme for Active Learning (PAL) modules as part of the holistic education during the curriculum time. PAL provides students exposure to two broad areas, Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and the Performing Arts and Visual Arts. PAL offers learning experience that are active, hands on and meaningful. PAL also encompasses learning in a creative way, provides opportunities for students to create, incorporate values and social-emotional learning, fun and enjoyable. 

Mee Toh School offers 6 modules to provide a well-rounded experience for our students. 
Primary 1Primary 2
Visual ArtSports and Games
Outdoor Education
Performing Arts (Music) 
 Performing Arts (Dance)Outdoor Education 
PAL photo2 - Loh WengLye Sharon.JPG
With the modules spread over 2 years, we want to nurture in students the desire to learn, stay engaged as they enjoy learning, and develop competence with a sense of confidence. Through PAL, we want to see the students
  • learn and express themselves clearly, 
  • develop positive habits and routines,
  • develop a keen sense of curiosity,
  • develop greater awareness of self and others,
  • learn to work in teams and
  • learn to make responsible decisions.