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UPDATED ON 13 April 2020

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Vision Inquiry Minds, Exploring Horizon
Mission Enthuse learners through innovation and exploration


At the end of their primary education in Mee Toh School, students will be able to
  • use scientific terms and concepts to understand themselves and the world around them
  • develop process skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry
  • use scientific knowledge and methods in making personal decisions
  • appreciate how science influences people and the environment

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Eco Trails
With the emphasis on inquiry-based learning, green spaces within the school compound have been converted into learning corners for students. The Eco trails are made up of stations that allow students to explore and discover for themselves more about plants.

Primary 3 Hydroponics Programme
The programme aims to engage students in small-scale farming through the growing of organic vegetables. This authentic learning requires the students to plant the seedlings, monitor the growth and harvest the full grown vegetables. The experience supplements and reinforces the students' understanding of the functions of plant parts.

Primary 4 NEWater Visitor Centre Learning Journey
Primary 4 students’ learning journey to NEWater Visitor Centre provides them with an enriching experience as to how Singapore’s 3rd National Tap, NEWater, is produced through the treatment of used water with advanced purification technologies.

E2K Science
The E2K Science Programme is an enrichment programme to cater to selected Primary 4 and 5 students who demonstrate strong interest and ability in Science. The programme engages students in scientific investigations involving advanced science concepts.

Science Excite! @ Recess
This programme caters to the curiosity and interest in science of the Primary 1 to 3 students. Conducted during recesses by science teachers, students engage themselves in fun hands-on experiments.

Partnering with Our Parents - A Science Workshop for Parents
Science workshops are conducted for parents each year, with the focus to share with parents on how to more effectively engage their children in developing the curiosity and passion in science through

  1. doing and learning science together with the children,
  2. providing the children with more positive science learning experiences by encouraging them to think about and interact with the world around them,
  3. doing activities which allow the children to use their senses.

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