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Student development & Management


Headed by:  
Mrs Asha Devdas Sawlani      (HOD SDM)
Mdm Hong Seek Eng  (YH)
Mdm Hasni Bte Abu Bakar   (YH)
Mdm Alice Ooi Shui Lien  (AYH)
Mdm Siti Nur Hannah Bte Hardy (SH SDM)  
Mr Muhamed Nazrul Zain  (SH Student Leadership)
Committee Members:  
Mr Abdul Faqih  
Mdm Tan Pei Shan  
Ms Ong Lay San  
Ms Nurul Asyura Mashkur  
Mdm Nora Yuhanis Bte Jaffar  
Ms Khairunnisa Binte Jalil  
Mr Amsyar Bin Abdul Wahed  
Mr Ho Jin Cheng  
Mrs Sherley Chua  
Miss Low Jing Yi  
Ms Sim Tze Mei, Eve  
Ms Vishalini D/O Peramagantan  
Mr Tan Weon Tor  
Ms Mohana  
Mdm Tan Choon Lan  
Ms Sheryl Tang Xiao Hui (School Counsellor)
Mdm Felicia Ang     (School Counsellor)
Mdm Annabel Su Yinjie  (SEN Officer)
Mdm Foo Ailing   (SEN Officer)




Developing self-disciplined and upright individuals, striving unceasingly for the quest of knowledge



To mould Mee Tohians into respectable and responsible members of the society by providing them a happy, safe and caring environment conducive for learning




Every Mee Tohian a Leader


The MTS TIERED STUDENT LEADERSHIP PYRAMID is a progressive model that allows students to develop their leadership potential based on their strengths and interests in the 5 spheres of Leadership – SERVICE, CYBER WELLNESS, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT AND PEER RELATIONS. Student Leaders are given a VOICE and EMPOWERED to carry out “BY STUDENTS, FOR STUDENTS” projects to support their meaningful causes.


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Tiered Support System@MTS


No child left behind 

In our effort to develop our students holistically, the Tiered system of support for students allows the school to reach out to students so that every student receives quality instruction that matches his/her needs. Our School Counsellors support students’ mental well-being and social-emotional development while our SEN Officers support students with learning and behavioural needs. They work collaboratively with teachers to nurture and improve students’ self-confidence, self-esteem and sense of independence.  They also provide individual or small group skills training and intervention. Along with our Case Management Team, comprising the key members of the Student Development and Management Committee, the progress of these students is monitored and the effectiveness of the intervention is evaluated regularly.