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Parents Support Group (PATH)


After Mee Toh School's parent support group, PATH, was formed in 2006, the team has grown from strength to strength. With 200 members on board currently, parents are keen to come forward to work with the school and support various programmes and initiatives, such as Dharmarathna Festival, Recycling Programme, Clean Your Plate Campaign and learning journeys to enhance and deepen the holistic education of Mee Tohians. PATH members also interact and connect through parent-child bonding activities or events meant solely for parents' participation.

It takes a whole village to raise a child. PATH serves as a vital link between the school and teachers, the parents and the community. Besides working closely with teachers and assisting in projects in the school, members also have the opportunity to experience first-hand the direction the school has embarked on to better understand the school curriculum and to provide valuable feedback on various areas, like administration and programmes, to enrich the students' learning experiences.

PATH's ethos is in line with Aristotle belief that, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all". Action speaks louder than words, and no textbook can replicate the heart, time and resources that parents have put into practice the school's core values while volunteering and serving. These are the very same values that we hope every Mee Tohians will grow up embracing.


Name Designation
Mr Loo Bee Seng Chairman
Mdm Wendy Tan Vice-Chairman
Mdm Renee Tan 2nd Vice-Chairman
Mdm Catherine Low Secretary
Mdm Sherry Teo Vice-Secretary
Mdm Ang Yen Leng Treasurer
Mdm Maggie Lim Vice-Treasurer
Mdm Candy Lee Parent Liaison (Upper Primary)
Mdm Lynn Wong Parent Liaison (Upper Primary)
Mdm Neo Sok Ping Parent Liaison (Upper Primary)
Mr Andrew Tran Parent Liaison (Lower Primary)
Mdm Cindy Tan Parent Liaison (Lower Primary)
 Mdm Alice Chong Ai LeeParent Liaison (Lower Primary) 
Mr Stephen Lim Chin Keong Parent Liaison (Lower Primary) 
 Mr Tng Han SiangParent Liaison (Lower Primary) 
 Mdm Yvonne Ng Gek PueyParent Liaison (Lower Primary) 


If you would like to join the PATH, please click on the link https://tinyurl.com/2p829rw3. Alternatively, please scan the QR Code provided .

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Click here for more information on Code of Conduct for PATH.


  • Dharmarathna Festival
  • Chinese New Year Lohei Celebration
  • Unstructured Play Programme
  • Weekly Recycling Programme
  • NE Commemorative Events
  • Mother Tongue Fortnight Fringe Activities
  • Founder's Day / Vesak Day / Open House
  • PATH Parent-Child Bonding Sessions, such as MTS Pottery Class
  • Teacher's Day Celebration
  • Children's Day Sports Carnival
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Clean Your Plate Campaign
  • P1 Orientation
  • PATH Year-End Appreciation Dinner