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School Awards

Achievement of Gold Award in ezi Go- Green School Competition 2021 by Sembcorp

Mee Toh School has achieved the Gold Award in the ezi Go- Green School Competition held by Sembcorp. This is a recognition for our environmental initiatives through our level-wide events like the MTS Green Day, IPW-VIA and Farm-to-Table Programme; recycling right programme through our Recycling Wednesdays and environmental collaterals design competition by our Environment Champions in different languages.

We have also been awarded the SembWaste Green Recycling Mark (Gold) to recognise our active participation in the ezi Recycling Competition. In total, we have collected about 4100 kg of clean and well-sorted recyclables this year. 




 SembWaste Green Recycling Mark (Gold) trophy



Achievement of Vanda Miss Joaquim Award in School Green Award competition 2021


 We are also very proud to share that Mee Toh School has achieved the Vanda Miss Joaquim Award in the School Green Award (SGA) by Singapore Environment Council. This is our second year achieving this award. Our whole school's environmental effort has been recognised and winning the award is an affirmation of the commitment we have towards educating our young students to be environmentally conscious and advocates of environmental sustainability. 


Students upcycled recyclables like the E-Waste to turn them into a new product during their Interdisciplinary Project Work.


Creation of puppet using recyclables like the plastic drink bottle and creation of storybooks to tell the story of the plastic bottle puppet.


 Toy creation using cardboard boxes, bottle caps, wooden chopsticks and unwanted plastic glue bottle. The toy uses a lever and pulley system to shoot plastic bottle caps.




The Community in Nature (CIN) is an initiative by National Parks (NParks) to connect and engage the different groups in our local community to conserve Singapore’s natural heritage. Our efforts in Environmental Education at MTS have enabled us to clinch this award.

Environmental Education in Mee Toh School

Mee Toh School adopts a whole-school approach towards environmental care that includes its stakeholders such as parents, external environmental partners, alumni, staff and canteen vendors. Mee Tohians are nurtured into eco-citizens by raising awareness, nurturing appreciation, and encouraging sustainable actions for the environment.

Experiential learning is planned into Science lessons to provide opportunities for students to interact with nature at the school’s eco-garden. Students take photographs of their observations, document them digitally and then use the information in their science lessons. Through these eco-trails, they learn the science concepts behind diversity, system, and life cycle of animals and plants.

Students engage in Interdisciplinary Project Work and Values-in-Action projects as part of the total curriculum Mee Toh School offers. The project themes engage students in various environmental topics. For example, this year, Primary 2 students work together to come up with short biodiversity learning trails for their peers and share what they have found about the existing biodiversity in school. Primary 3 students learn about sustainable farming through the Farm-to-Table Programme and contributed the produce to the school’s canteen vendors who cook the vegetables for sale during recess and lunch. The produce is also contributed to the elderly home as part of the school’s outreach programme.

Students as Nature Stewards

Nature Lovers Club students meet on a weekly basis to learn about local biodiversity and share knowledge of common flora and fauna. Under the guidance from their teachers and the Nature Society (Singapore), they meticulously recorded environmental data on the diverse flora and fauna in school as part of their CCA activities. They conduct regular biodiversity surveys within the school ground to monitor the population of fauna, such as butterflies and birds. They also monitor the flora in school through gardening and experimenting with different organic compost to grow plants. On top of that, they also initiated field surveys at Lorong Halus Wetland, a nature area in the neighbourhood which has been adopted by the school. To spread awareness on local biodiversity, students consolidated what they have learnt into information boards, bookmarks and flyers, which were then used as outreach materials during Open House and CCA Awareness day. These have reached out to both the students in school as well as members of the public who have attended the Open House and CCA Awareness day.



The President’s Award for the Environment conferred upon Mee Toh School on 26 Sep 2019 has brought much joy and pride to all of us. This award is an affirmation of the efforts of the school community, stakeholders and partners, put together in over a decade.

Mee Toh School adopts a whole-school approach towards environmental sustainability through our Applied Learning Programme in Environment Education. Every Mee Tohian is equipped with the values, knowledge and skills to care for the environment as part of character building. Opportunities are created to enable students to make meaningful connections of what they have learnt about environmental issues with daily experiences. As part of Inter-disciplinary Project Work and Values-in-Action Project (IPW-VIA), students integrate what they have learnt and leveraged the strengths of team work to explore innovative ways to solve real-world problems. It takes a village to raise a child. Mee Toh School partners with key stakeholders including parents and the community, and leverage support from key agencies like Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore, Punggol 21 Community Club, Sembcorp, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board, National Parks Board and the Nature Society (Singapore) for environmental education.

Underpinning Mee Toh’s School’s Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark (GoldPlus) certified campus is an organisational culture in sustainability. We adopt a sustainable approach of reducing waste and our staff use their own plates and cutleries for meals at school events. Our Parent Support Group, PATH, actively supports students to collect and track the amount of recyclables weekly. Environmental data such as the amount of waste recycled, energy and water consumption levels, and the diversity in flora and fauna are tracked to enable monitoring of the impact of environmental sustainability efforts.

Mee Tohians learn to contribute to the community. This year, in collaboration with Punggol 21 Community Club, Primary 5 students used Micro:bits to count E-waste items collected, and shared their learning with the community to champion E-waste recycling as part of the bid towards a zero waste nation. Primary 3 students contribute through eco-farming of vegetables which are sent to the home for the elderly.

We are all transient inhabitants of Mother Earth. This award is an encouragement for all of us to continue seeding the values, skills and knowledge for environmental sustainability in all our young who pass through our hands!

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