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Community in Nature Merit Award 2020

The Community in Nature (CIN) is an initiative by National Parks (NParks) to connect and engage the different groups in our local community to conserve Singapore’s natural heritage. Our efforts in Environmental Education at MTS have enabled us to clinch this award.

Environmental Education in Mee Toh School

Mee Toh School adopts a whole-school approach towards environmental care that includes its stakeholders such as parents, external environmental partners, alumni, staff and canteen vendors. Mee Tohians are nurtured into eco-citizens by raising awareness, nurturing appreciation, and encouraging sustainable actions for the environment.

Experiential learning is planned into Science lessons to provide opportunities for students to interact with nature at the school’s eco-garden. Students take photographs of their observations, document them digitally and then use the information in their science lessons. Through these eco-trails, they learn the science concepts behind diversity, system, and life cycle of animals and plants.

Students engage in Interdisciplinary Project Work and Values-in-Action projects as part of the total curriculum Mee Toh School offers. The project themes engage students in various environmental topics. For example, this year, Primary 2 students work together to come up with short biodiversity learning trails for their peers and share what they have found about the existing biodiversity in school. Primary 3 students learn about sustainable farming through the Farm-to-Table Programme and contributed the produce to the school’s canteen vendors who cook the vegetables for sale during recess and lunch. The produce is also contributed to the elderly home as part of the school’s outreach programme.

Students as Nature Stewards

Nature Lovers Club students meet on a weekly basis to learn about local biodiversity and share knowledge of common flora and fauna. Under the guidance from their teachers and the Nature Society (Singapore), they meticulously recorded environmental data on the diverse flora and fauna in school as part of their CCA activities. They conduct regular biodiversity surveys within the school ground to monitor the population of fauna, such as butterflies and birds. They also monitor the flora in school through gardening and experimenting with different organic compost to grow plants. On top of that, they also initiated field surveys at Lorong Halus Wetland, a nature area in the neighbourhood which has been adopted by the school. To spread awareness on local biodiversity, students consolidated what they have learnt into information boards, bookmarks and flyers, which were then used as outreach materials during Open House and CCA Awareness day. These have reached out to both the students in school as well as members of the public who have attended the Open House and CCA Awareness day.