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President's Award for the Environment 2019

The President’s Award for the Environment conferred upon Mee Toh School on 26 Sep 2019 has brought much joy and pride to all of us. This award is an affirmation of the efforts of the school community, stakeholders and partners, put together in over a decade.

Mee Toh School adopts a whole-school approach towards environmental sustainability through our Applied Learning Programme in Environment Education. Every Mee Tohian is equipped with the values, knowledge and skills to care for the environment as part of character building. Opportunities are created to enable students to make meaningful connections of what they have learnt about environmental issues with daily experiences. As part of Inter-disciplinary Project Work and Values-in-Action Project (IPW-VIA), students integrate what they have learnt and leveraged the strengths of team work to explore innovative ways to solve real-world problems. It takes a village to raise a child. Mee Toh School partners with key stakeholders including parents and the community, and leverage support from key agencies like Tzu Chi Foundation Singapore, Punggol 21 Community Club, Sembcorp, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board, National Parks Board and the Nature Society (Singapore) for environmental education.

Underpinning Mee Toh’s School’s Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark (GoldPlus) certified campus is an organisational culture in sustainability. We adopt a sustainable approach of reducing waste and our staff use their own plates and cutleries for meals at school events. Our Parent Support Group, PATH, actively supports students to collect and track the amount of recyclables weekly. Environmental data such as the amount of waste recycled, energy and water consumption levels, and the diversity in flora and fauna are tracked to enable monitoring of the impact of environmental sustainability efforts.

Mee Tohians learn to contribute to the community. This year, in collaboration with Punggol 21 Community Club, Primary 5 students used Micro:bits to count E-waste items collected, and shared their learning with the community to champion E-waste recycling as part of the bid towards a zero waste nation. Primary 3 students contribute through eco-farming of vegetables which are sent to the home for the elderly.

We are all transient inhabitants of Mother Earth. This award is an encouragement for all of us to continue seeding the values, skills and knowledge for environmental sustainability in all our young who pass through our hands!

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