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Environment Champions Team Wishy-Washy Feature on Channel New Asia and Channel 5

Last update: 22 Feb 2021, 03:21am
Our Environment Champions and their invention were featured on Channel 5 and Channel News Asia's How to Stop Waste programme on 19 and 21 February 2021 respectively. Click on the link to view it.
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Click here to watch us in the news.

Last update: 22 Oct 2019, 02:09am
We are proud to be in the news for our achievements! Click on the link above to hear about us.
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President's Award for the Environment 2019

Last update: 22 Oct 2019, 02:09am
The President’s Award for the Environment conferred on 26/9/2019 is an affirmation of the efforts of the school community, stakeholders and partners, put together in over a decade.
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G!nnovation Challenge 2019

Last update: 25 Sep 2019, 03:50am
Our Environment Champions, Jeanieve Lim 5-9, Tristan Hoe 4-1, Tricia Leong 4-8, Teh Xin Yan 4-8 and Brendan Ng 4-8, are champions in the G!nnovation Challenge on 21 September. Congratulations!
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Kartunis Cilik Competition (Malay Language)

Last update: 5 Sep 2019, 02:06am
Congratulations to our students for winning this comic creation based on proverbs competition . 3rd place- Nur Iris (P5-6), 8th place- Nursorfina (P5-2) and participation- Ilan Zakaria (P4-6).
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Mee Toh School celebrates Biodiversity Week 2019

Last update: 6 Aug 2019, 01:32am
Our school celebrates Biodiversity Week 2019 by engaging our students in biodiversity learning. Our school is featured in this video from NParks to showcase our learning of biodiversity in our school.
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8th National Chinese Calligraphy Competition

Last update: 5 Aug 2019, 06:01am
Our CCA members took part in the 8th National Chinese Calligraphy competition in July 2019. Congratulations to Xu Yang 2-6 and Ju Yi 5-1 in attaining consolation prize and merit award respectively!
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13th National Robotics Programming Competition (NRPC)

Last update: 5 Aug 2019, 06:23am
Our CCA team clinched 2nd place in Best Technical Presentation and 2nd place in Best Mechanical Design. Congratulations to this team of students: Torres Chan 4-1, Brayden Kong 5-5, Jaevier Wong 6-3
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Photo Gallery - Experience@MTS

Last update: 29 May 2019, 08:44am
Join Mee Tohians in their holistic learning experiences in school!
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