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SG50 Reflections

SG50 Reflections: Our Hopes and Memories (SG50 HOME) is a gift from our students to Singapore on her 50th birthday. 

This is an e-book project, which is the collective effort of students and teachers from 369 primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institute, 20 Special Education schools as well as the Singapore International School (Hong Kong).
The stories in SG50 HOME are spread across five decades, and organised by themes of Memorable Spaces, Faces of Singapore, Culture & Celebrations, Progress & Achievements, and Defining Moments. It contains videos, drawings, interviews, and other forms of expression by students as they learn about significant people, places and milestones in the last 50 years of the Singapore Story.
SG50 HOME is also about our future as a nation. As students share their hopes and aspirations, they commit to building a better future for Singapore in the next 50 years.
Our school’s contribution was done by Mee Tohians of the Class of 2014 and the topic of choice was Singapore’s very own Speak Good English Movement. In it, the students explored the origins of the movement and the various themes that they have launched since its humble beginnings. The students and their teacher had put in months of effort to see it come to fruition.