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EXCO & Teacher Leadership Team

UPDATED ON 31 December 2020
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2020 EXCO.jpg

 Mrs Alice Hiah Shui Lien.JPG
Mrs Alice Hiah Shui Lien
Assistant Year Head (Internal) - Primary 1

" I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert Einstein
Mr Choo Kuan He.JPG 
Assistant Year Head (Internal) - Primary 2

My personal goal is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I like to see them develop together for the betterment of themselves. As an educator, it is important not only to teach my students knowledge, but also give them the directions to learn themselves.
"You can teach a lesson for a day, but if you teach your students to learn by creating curiosity, they will continue the learning process as long as they live." - Clay P. Bedford  

Mdm Hasni Bte Abu Bakar.JPG 

Mdm Hasni Abu Bakar
Year Head - Primary 3 & 4

Children learn best when their social and emotional needs are well taken care of. As educators, we help our children to recognise their strengths and develop good character so that they become confident yet caring individuals. Every child has a gift. Each just opens them at different times.

Mrs Leong Seek Eng.JPG

Mrs Leong Seek Eng
Year Head - Primary 5 & 6

'There is more in you than you think.' -Kurt Hahn 

Ms Aline Ng.jpeg

Ms Aline Ng
Head of Department - English Language

Every child is unique and must have a stimulating educational environment. Every teacher is morally obligated to harbour the highest expectations for each and every student. I aim to inspire every child to know how to think and not what to think. 

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." - Socrates

Mdm Tan Mui Ngin Tinie.JPG

Mdm Tinie Tan Mui Ngin
Head of Department - Mother Tongue Languages (MTL)

“先生不应该专教书,他的责任是教人做人;学生不应该专读书,他的责任是学习人生之道。” -- 陶行知

Mr Sean Lim.JPG

Mr Sean Lim Shoa Koen
Head of Department - Mathematics (MA)

Education isn't what you learn, it's what you do with what you learn. 


Mdm Chua Boon Ling.jpg

Head of Department - Total Curriculum (TC)


 Mdm Elaine Tan Chew Shie.jpg
Mdm Elaine Tan Chew Shie
Head of Department - Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

'Every child is a seedling.' Developing a child is similar to that of nurturing a plant as consistent planning and care has to be taken to help them grow. Do not underestimate the potential of every child. Together, we can build a more compassionate and cohesive society by raising our next generation to be resilient, appreciative and selfless. 
 Mrs Jacelyn Ang.JPG
Head of Department - School Staff Developer (SSD)

An educated man is someone who displays culture, taste and knowledge. So, the true essence of education goes beyond acquiring of knowledge in an institute. As the saying goes, it takes a village to educate a woman, educating a child will require collaboration, between home and school for every child to grow into an educated adult. 
 Mr Chua Meng Joo.JPG
Mr Chua Meng Joo
Head of Department - Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

"Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous." - Confucius
All the reasoning, reflecting and deliberating in the world will not bring our thoughts and intention to bear fruit unless they are firmly planted in the soil of knowledge and nourished with the waters of information.

Mr Joey Tan.JPG 
Head of Department - Physical & Health Education (PHE)

Changes doesn't just pass you by. It brings you along for the ride. 

 Mdm Asha Devdas Sawlani1.jpg

Mrs Asha Devdas Sawlani

Head of Department – Student Development & Management 

Mr Pang Heng Cheun.JPG 

Mr Pang Heng Cheun
Subject Head - Science

Teach the young minds to be curious and to constantly ask questions. It is alright to make mistakes, but learn from the mistakes to become better.

Mdm Zhao Xin.JPG
Mdm Zhao Xin
Subject Head - Chinese Language 

在教育中,一切都应以教育者的人格为基础,因为只有人格才能影响人格,只 有人格才能形成
 Mdm Sunarti Bte Amidon.JPG
Mdm Sunarti Binte Amidon
Subject Head - Malay Language

Pendidikan bermula dari hati langsung ke hati.
 Mrs Sharon Koo.JPG

Mrs Sharon Koo Weng Lye

Subject Head - Aesthetics

'Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.' 
-Martin Luther King

 Mdm Siti Nur Hannah Binte Hardy.JPG
Mdm Siti Nur Hannah Bte Hardy
Subject Head -  Student Development and Management

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you can." - John Wesley

Mrs Joanna Fan.JPG

Mrs Joanna Fan Hwee Leng
Subject Head - 
Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. 
Knowledge will give you power, but character respect." - Bruce Lee

Mdm Lin Meijing.JPG
Mrs Liew-Lin Meijing
Subject Head - Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Nature versus nurture, which is a stronger influence? I believe in the latter. Every child can learn and do good.

Miss Quek Yi Hui Eleanor.jpg 
Subject Head - Total Curriculum

LIVE every moment with the child and you will find that he/she has so much to show you. 
LAUGH every day with the child and you will realise that there's an inner child in everyone.
LOVE beyond words with the child and you will see limitless love in this world. There is hope  

 Mdm Loh Tiah Cheng.JPG

Mdm Loh Tiah Cheng
Lead Teacher - Chinese Language


Mdm Shanti.JPG

Senior Teacher - English Language

I believe that each child is unique and has the potential to be better than what he or she is today. I want him or her to experience the joy of learning, discover his or her own strengths, passions and interests and walk through life, enjoying its journey bearing in mind that education is a journey and never a destination.

Mdm Norlina Bte Ahmadi (Mrs Redwan).jpg
Mrs Redwan (Norlina Bte Ahmadi)
Senior Teacher - English Language

"Give the students something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results." - John Dewey
 Ms Par Hwee Ling.JPG

Senior Teacher - Mathematics

'Every teacher should be, first, a teacher of humanity, and then a teacher of his subject.'
-Dr Haim Ginot

 tn.Miss Neo Li Ting[2].JPG.mid.jpg
Ms Neo Li Ting
Senior Teacher - Chinese Language

《论语·为政》——子曰:“学而不思则罔,思而不学则殆”。 一味的读书,而不思考,只会受到书本表象的迷惑而不得甚解。而只是一味的埋头苦思而不进行一定的书本知识的积累,进而对知识进行研究推敲,也只能是流于空想,问题仍然不会得到解决,也就会产生更多的疑惑。只有把学习和思考结合起来,才能学以致用。

Ms Soon Min Wah.JPG

Ms Soon Min Wah 
Senior Teacher - Chinese Language 


 Mr Foo Tiang Weng.JPG
Mr Foo Tiang Weng
Senior Teacher - Visual Arts

The value of any intellect is as good as the underlying values of the beholder.
 Mdm Lafrieda Bte Mohd Nasir.JPG
Mdm Lafrieda Bte Mohamed Nasir
Senior Teacher - Social Studies

Childhood is NOT a race, it is a journey. Children are a great blessing from God. With their tender hearts, children can be moulded into righteous people.
 Mrs Jean Tan.JPG
Mrs Jean Tan Nee Ho
Senior Teacher - LN, Special Educational Needs

The student is infinitely more important than the subject matter.

Ying Lin.jpg
Senior Teacher - Mathematics 
 Mdm Gerallyn Yeo.jpg
Ms Gerallyn Yeo Hwee Ling
Level Head - English Language

"Great teachers empathise with children, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon" - Ann Lieberman. 
I strongly believe that every child can learn and with this belief, a dedicated educator can help the child achieve that breakthrough in learning. 

Ms Ng Hui Lin Dion.JPG

Ms Dion Ng Hui Lin
Level Head - Mathematics

Education is not all about the learning of facts, but also the training of the mind to think and question. It is important that we do not stop questioning as it allows us to organise our thinking and to develop an inquiry mind. 
 Ms Yeo Li Choo Rachel.JPG
Ms Rachel Yeo Li Choo
Level Head - Mathematics 

Education is not just about the teaching of skills and knowledge, it is also about inculcating good moral values and developing every child holistically. I believe that values and attitudes are essential in growing the child. With strong moral values and good attitude, the child will be able to reach their fullest potential and bring out the star in them.