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National Education & Social Studies (NESS)


E.X.C.I.T.E.D (Excellence, Culturally Immersed, TEamwork, Deep Rootedness
Develop in every child a sense of belonging to Singapore through active participation, values inculcation and heritage and cultural immersion.

National Education

National Education is an instrumental part of Character and Citizenship Education in Mee Toh School and seeks to nurture rooted and resilient citizens who are able to appreciate our national identity, and play an active role in the well-being, security and defence of the people and nation.

Social Studies

In Mee Toh School, the Social Studies curriculum aims to develop students to become informed, concerned and participative citizens who are competent in quality decision-making with an impassioned spirit to contribute responsibly in the world they live in.

Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences, such as learning journeys, Social Studies helps students to attain relevant knowledge and understandings of these issues, develop critical and reflective thinking skills and appreciate multiple perspectives.



NE Commemorative Days

Total Defence Day
The theme for this year is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. In view of the Covid-19 situation, we engaged students through discussion on how they can play their part to keep Singapore safe. Students were taught to be an advocate for personal and social responsibility by sharing their knowledge with their family.

International Friendship Day
The theme for this year is “Beyond Borders”. Due to the Covid-19 situation, students gathered in class to understand more about the special day. Through the sharing, students learnt about the different cultures and languages spoken by the different countries in Southeast Asia.

Racial Harmony Day
The theme for this year is “Multicultural Singapore”. As Singapore progresses and as we continue to shape our multicultural identity, it is important that we strengthen the collective identity of Singaporeans. Through encouraging our youths to cultivate strong relationships with diverse individuals and groups, we inspire them to take ownership of their roles in building a cohesive Singapore.

National Day
The theme for this year, “Together A Stronger Singapore”, is a rallying call for Singaporeans to play our part to push forward and determine Singapore’s future, in spite of the difficulties and crises. We engaged students through an observance ceremony via Zoom, viewed the Art Display, did a MTS Clap as a Tribute to Frontliners, watched a Skit, had a Chair Dance to celebrate class-spirit & ended off with the MTS Virtual Choir singing “We are Singapore”.


NESS Learning Journeys
Learning journeys allow students to contextualise their learning experiences in an authentic real-world setting. Students would also be able to have hands-on exploration in a focused area of study, thus being engaged in multi-sensory learning. [Due to COVID-19, some learning journeys were cancelled.]

Level Places of Visit
Primary 1
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Primary 6
Singapore Zoological Gardens (Virtual Learning Journey)
Butterfly Park (Cancelled)
HPB Food Digester & Farming Activity (Virtual Learning Journey)
The NEWater Visitor Centre (Cancelled)
Little India and NE Show (Cancelled)
Wan Qin Yuan (Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall)

Other programmes
  • Assembly Programmes - Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya