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Physical & Health Education (PHE)

UPDATED ON 13 April 2020

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Vision A physically active and healthy lifestyle for everyone
Mission Developing an active body and healthy mind

Our Physical and Health Education (PHE) department’s vision is to promote a physically active and healthy lifestyle for everyone through developing an active body and healthy mind. The regular and purposeful health-enhancing physical activities and learning tasks foster students’ holistic development in the psycho motor, cognitive and affective domains. Besides displaying a positive attitude towards participation in physical activities, students also learn to cultivate 21st century competencies that can be meaningfully applied in their daily lives. They explore their interests and acquire skills and knowledge in achieving and maintaining a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle.

Our vision and mission are guided by the MOE Physical Education Framework:

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Key Programmes / Events

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Active Play @ Recess
At Mee Toh School, net-barrier games (badminton and volleyball), field games (football, captain’s ball and ultimate Frisbee) as well as obstacle courses (Ninja Warrior and Bouldering) are set up during recess.

This Active Play @ Recess platform encourages students to participate in the myriad of physical activities of their liking and with their friends. The platform also helps students to fulfill 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activities (MVPA) weekly, which is recommended by the Health Promotion Board.

Bouldering Module
A Mee Toh School signature programme, all students get the opportunity to build their physical skills and mental strength through active participation in the bouldering learning tasks. Besides the comprehensive and progressive bouldering module embedded in our PE lessons, students are also able to boulder as part of the Active Play @ Recess programme. The bouldering module value adds the PE learning area of Outdoor Education.

Wushu Quan (Routine) Module
This module enables students to refine their attentional focus and psycho motor control in relation to self, as they execute the various Wushu moves in sequential order and with gusto. Another one of Mee Toh School’s signature programmes, the module is meaningfully planned for students; their mastery level progresses each year, which culminates to the final performance routine at P6.

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